PriestmanGoode is a world leader in aviation design, having worked at the forefront of aircraft cabin interiors for the last thirty years.

We have worked with every major manufacturer, and countless top tier airlines to continuously improve the air travel experience for both passengers and crew, and to enable airlines to work as efficiently as possible. Initially creating seat designs, our work now encompasses the entire spectrum of aviation design, from working with airframe manufacturers on new aircraft concepts, to branding, customer experience, digital, ground services and aircraft interiors for airlines, as well as continuing to break new ground in seat concepts with manufacturers.

One vision, from home to destination

Innovation isn’t just in a great onboard product, it’s about having a strong, consistent brand throughout the entire passenger journey. From brand identity to digital products, ground services and cabin interiors, we have the expertise to design a single vision to roll out across all your brand touchpoints. Our various teams work with you on defining the customer journey and can support you at every phase of a project, from strategic vision, through manufacture, implementation and creating promotional materials such as movies, press images and VR experiences.

Game-changing innovation for competitive advantage

We work with our partners, from airlines to seat suppliers and airframe manufacturers, to consistently innovate and raise the bar in aviation design. Our drive for excellence means we partner with our clients to create ground-breaking products and services that give you a competitive edge.

Delivering tailored solutions for every project

Whether you need a cabin refresh, a flagship lounge or a promotional video, we can draw on our wealth of in-house expertise or leverage our relationships with suppliers to deliver quick, simple and efficient solutions for one-off projects.

Designing human-centred airport environments

We work with you to map out the customer journey and draw on our broad expertise from branding to wayfinding, retail, interior and transport design, to create stress-free environments that are easy to navigate and enhance the travel experience. Our investment in digital and customer experience design also enable us to translate the physical environment into a touch-free experience integrated with passenger-owned devices.

Transport Design

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