PriestmanGoode worked with WestJet to design the Canadian airline’s new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The project encompassed a complete overhaul of cabin interiors as well as the creation of a wide range of promotional materials from TV adverts to product videos and a microsite including a walk-through video.

Close up of the WestJet logo on a brand panel onboard the B787 aircraft


WestJet already had a reputation for great service within Canada, and had been operating as a regional airline, but had ambitions to transition into a world-class, international carrier. The purchase of a new Fleet of Dreamliner aircraft proved the perfect opportunity to upgrade its offer, and to create an onboard product that would compete with leading top tier airlines. Our brief was to design new cabin interiors that would be distinctly Canadian, but suitable for the international market, with a focus on the human experience, improving the cabin for passengers and crew alike.


PriestmanGoode has vast experience of working with flag-carrying airlines and has built a reputation for creating aircraft interiors that reflect a sense of place. For WestJet’s new Dreamliner, our designers and our Colour, Material and Finish (CMF) teams worked together to create signature forms and details throughout the aircraft – from seats to brand panels, a welcoming entrance and a self-service bar – that worked in harmony with new materials and patterns that build on the airline’s existing corporate identity.

A breathtaking Canadian landscape, showing mountains and a crystal clear lake
The colour palette for WestJet's B787. Deep blue, deep turquoise, glacier turquoise, rich tan and clean silvers

Drawing from a distinctly Canadian theme, the cabin interior welcomes guests with a rich colour palette – a soothing Alpine lake blue in Economy class, aurora-inspired shades and tones in Premium Economy, and in Business Class, luxuriously rich earth tones inspired by the splendour of Canadian summers.

Communicating WestJet’s new offer was an important part of the brief, and our visualisation team worked closely with the airline’s marketing team to create a suite of promotional materials including new product videos, TV commercials, walk-through videos, still images and a microsite. Working on everything from storyboarding and visual effects to direction and production, this was one of our most comprehensive visualisation projects. The new microsite with walk-through videos enabled passengers to tour the new aircraft before booking, bringing to life a vision of the future service. The campaign was highly successful, with over 42,000 click throughs in the three days following the launch, and over 320,000 views on YouTube in the weeks following.