PriestmanGoode is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading design studios working in transport today. Our expertise spans everything from aviation to rail, autonomous vehicles, cruise ships and personal transport. We work on both industrial and vehicle design, as well as branding, interiors and customer experience, and have a proven track record of delivering groundbreaking transport solutions for our clients.

Aviation Design

PriestmanGoode is a world leader in aviation design, having worked at the forefront of aircraft cabin interiors for the last thirty years. We have worked with every major manufacturer, and countless top tier airlines to continuously improve the air travel experience for both passengers and crew, and to enable airlines to work as efficiently as possible.

Initially creating seat designs, our work now encompasses the entire spectrum of aviation design, from working with airframe manufacturers on new aircraft concepts, to branding, customer experience, digital, ground services and aircraft interiors for airlines, as well as continuing to break new ground in seat concepts with manufacturers.

Rail Design

PriestmanGoode works with rail operators and manufacturers globally and delivers turnkey design solutions that have improved rail journeys for millions of passengers every year. Our expertise spans the breadth of the industry: from light rail and metro to commuter trains, intercity, night trains, high speed rail and maglev.

We work on every element of rail design, from strategy and customer experience to branding and livery design, concept visualisation, industrial design, train interiors and the digital journey. We also create imagery, movies and VR experiences for stakeholder engagement at different stages of the process and for advertising and promotional use.

Vehicle and Mobility Design

PriestmanGoode is an experienced industrial design studio working on vehicle design across various forms of mobility, both existing and future. Our team sees vehicle design as an opportunity to create iconic modes of transport, whether that’s a train, an autonomous vehicle, a bus or a personal scooter.

We take a human-centred approach to design, and aspire to create vehicles that reflect a sense of place, that combine form and function and can elevate everyday experiences.