PriestmanGoode’s expertise in interior and spatial design extends over three decades with projects in retail, hospitality, shared living and working, airport and station design as well as cruise ships. We take a human centred approach to every project, identifying both client and customer needs to deliver tailored solutions.

Airport and terminal design

PriestmanGoode provides a range of design services from future visions to completely new passenger experiences across physical and digital touchpoints for airport environments, stations and terminals.

We are able to deliver your future vision either as a direct design consultant or partnering with other experienced practices, agencies and suppliers in a consortium approach. We are able to work with you to help you solve all your design, communication and operational challenges, help identity opportunities along the way and deliver the best possible experience for all stakeholders. Our work encompasses a range of services from airport and airline branding to signage and wayfinding, environment design, physical touchpoint design, digital interfaces, passenger experience design as well as visualisation and marketing materials.

Interior design and small space solutions

PriestmanGoode is a multi-service design agency working across the breadth of the hospitality industry, from public spaces in hotels and cruise ships to shared living concepts.

The studio has become especially well known for its expertise in designing small spaces. From the first concept for the Yotel! capsule rooms to designing the first cruise ship cabin designed for solo travellers, PriestmanGoode has time and again shown ambition and innovation in creating new commercial opportunities for our clients through intelligent design.