PriestmanGoode is a multi-service design agency working across the breadth of the hospitality industry, from public spaces in hotels and cruise ships to shared living concepts.

The studio has become especially well known for its expertise in designing small spaces. From the first concept for the Yotel! capsule rooms to designing the first cruise ship cabin designed for solo travellers, PriestmanGoode has time and again shown ambition and innovation in creating new commercial opportunities for our clients through intelligent design.


PriestmanGoode has worked for some of the world’s largest hotel groups including Marriott, Accor as well as Whitbread PLC in the UK. While our work in this sector has spanned rooms as well as public areas including receptions and lounges, our particular focus has been on working with challenging small spaces, ensuring that each hotel room contains every element that a customer would expect, within a very small footprint. This has led to great innovations including the ETAP hotel rooms, a design that was hailed as the most cost-effective room to build and rolled out across 40,000 rooms, or the award-winning Motel 6 in the US, and more recently Zip by Premier Inn, a compact 8.5 sqm space that meets hotel guests’ most important needs. With each of our hotel designs, we have not just considered how to exceed customer expectations, but also considered how the design can facilitate a more efficient build and ongoing maintenance, delivering continued great returns on investment for our clients over time.

Basically brilliant. A compact hotel room, a small bathroom in the corner, a bed, padded wall surround and shelf with recessed lighting

Shared living

The continued growth in urban populations around the world means that we urgently need to design and build housing solutions to accommodate these new urban dwellers. Meanwhile, another shift has taken place: the shared economy. Younger generations in particular are moving away from models of ownership and instead towards shared use, which provides both economic and community benefits. These two trends have given rise to a number of shared living initiatives around the world. Here, our expertise in designing privacy in open plan transport environments like luxury aircraft cabins, has enabled us to develop shared living concepts that afford each person their own private space in a contemporary, design-led environment.

Cruise ships

PriestmanGoode’s work in the cruise industry has brought a new contemporary sensibility to stateroom design. We recognise that the industry is evolving, demographics are changing and the new and next generation of cruise passengers are design conscious and discerning. One of our key projects in this sector has been the development of the award-winning solo cabins for Norwegian Cruise Lines, the first staterooms designed for solo travellers, which allowed us to bring an entirely new market to the passenger shipping industry.

Interior + Spatial Design

A black and white image of a person building a mockup