PriestmanGoode is a multi-service design consultancy offering a range of design services from airport future visions to completely new passenger experiences.

PriestmanGoode is able to deliver your future vision either as a direct design consultant or partnering with other experienced practices, agencies and suppliers in a consortium approach. We are able to work with you to help you solve all your design, communication and operational challenges, help identify opportunities along the way and deliver the best possible experience for all stakeholders. Our work encompasses a range of services from airport and airline branding to signage and wayfinding, environment design, physical touchpoint design, digital interfaces, passenger experience design as well as visualisation and marketing materials.

Delivering end-to-end passenger experiences

Another way PriestmanGoode delivers great airport experiences is by working with airlines on a complete end-to-end passenger journey. Here our skills lie in developing a design language that is an extension of the brand and of the aircraft cabin on the ground, allowing passengers to intuitively way-find throughout the airport. With our digital design solutions this can extend beyond the airport environment, from home to destination as part of an ongoing, holistic relationship with passengers.

The airport journey: planning, booking, getting there, arrival, wayfinding, check-in, security, passing time departures, boarding
Overhead view of the vast New Istanbul Airport, featuring an imposing Business Class wall panel indicating dedicated check in area

Taking the stress out of travel

We recognise that airport design in itself can be an attraction for passengers, and work with airport operators to map out and deliver outstanding, intuitive journeys through the airport. A key element of that is to apply design thinking and new technologies to create a stress-free experience for all passengers. Recent trends towards increased hygiene and passenger safety are also giving rise to a growth in digitising the airport experience, enabling passengers to control their journeys from their own devices.

Baggage reclaim at Heathrow T5

Interior + Spatial Design

A black and white image of a person building a mockup