PriestmanGoode worked with Riyadh Air on a progressive and collaborative project to design the airline’s branding, which includes logo, colour palette, typography and two livery designs.


Riyadh Air was first announced in March of 2023, with an aim to transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a global aviation hub. As a new airline they wanted branding to match this ambition, and launch them into the aviation industry. PriestmanGoode were challenged to design two elegant and bold livery designs that would position them at the forefront of the next generation of airlines.


Riyadh Air selected PriestmanGoode to define the visual building blocks of their brand that could then be applied across both physical and digital touch points. 

We started by refining the Riyadh Air logo. The ambition was to create an elegant emblem that drew inspiration from the curves of Arabic calligraphy, and the movement of birds’ wings in flight. The defined R symbol sits within a tapered window shape, symbolising a portal into the Kingdom.

The colour palette that would define Riyadh Air was refined to five primary colours. Lavender was chosen as the main brand colour for Riyadh Air, as a symbol of heritage and culture. In spring the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia changes, as the lavender blossoms and the landscape transforms. We expanded the brand palette with the introduction of Sunset Peach and Indigo inspired by the vibrant colours of the skies and the dynamic feel of Riyadh. An iridescent finish was introduced as a unique way to compliment a bold palette.

For the typography, we drew inspiration from authentic Arabic calligraphy. It was important to create a strong link back to the logo and maintain the elegance and high-contrast appearance. The modern yet timeless letterforms are a tribute to the strong cultural significance of Arabic calligraphy, and have a unique appeal that work for both physical and digital environments.

We pushed the design boundaries for the two livery designs to match Riyadh Air’s ambitions. The first livery design for their new fleet, was a statement indigo livery. It is inspired by the ever-changing colours that paint the sky, from dusk till dawn. 

The second livery features a custom iridescent paint colour for the brand to stand out. A collaborative approach brought the best minds together from across the sector, and we were able to lead conversations through our deep knowledge of the production process combined with the creativity of our brand team. The resulting design reflects the elegance and boldness of the first indigo livery while balancing the reality of everyday operations.

Our work to create leading designs for Riyadh Air continues.