PriestmanGoode is working with World View on a project that will take passengers to the edge of space. The experience will push new boundaries in terms of comfort, materials and provide uninterrupted views, all built around the needs of the passenger. The World View experience will leave a lasting impression of the beauty and fragility; and underline the importance of conserving and respecting life on Earth.


World View offers the most affordable, longest duration and most accessible edge-of-space experience, with the first commercial flights expected to begin in early 2024. Flights will lift eight participants and two World View crew members in a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon and pressurised space capsule to nearly 23 miles into the stratosphere for a transformative experience lasting six to 12 hours.

With such a visionary project, CGI and animation services play a fundamental role in allowing stakeholders to visualise and engage at a very early stage of development. PriestmanGoode has been working with World View on the design vision for the capsule, interior, passenger experience – all brought to life through stunning visual assets and animations. The Branding and Graphics team at PG have worked to integrate the World View brand in a seamless and distinctive way across every touchpoint.



The distinctive shape of the capsule, with softened edges and pearlescent white finish already has the makings of a future transport icon.

PriestmanGoode are looking to see how far we can push an interior that hasn’t existed before – to achieve an environment that befits the unique experience offered by World View. The interior of the capsule is designed to maximise the available space – a specialism of the studio – and provide the levels of comfort associated with a luxury private jet for the duration of the journey.

The features at this stage of development include:

  • Smooth elliptical windows framing the uninterrupted vista of the Earth.
  • A sky window providing an optimal view above the capsule whilst the passenger’s seat is in a recline position, allowing sight of the balloon.
  • Seating for 8 passengers configured in pairs with every amenity in close proximity to ensure no moment of the journey is missed. Each seat pair includes a cocktail table, screen, central console and personal stowage.
  • Passengers will enjoy the option of moving around the central social space, with essentials such as the lavatory and galley concealed behind branded panels.

In tune with World View’s ethos as a purpose-first company, and creating an experience that leaves passengers with a greater sense of empathy for the Earth, PriestmanGoode is exploring all possible material options from sustainable sources or those with the possibility of re-use or recycling at the end of their useful life. Current best practice in circularity is being considered at every stage of the design process.

World View revealed the latest developments at South by Southwest® (SxSW) in March 2022, the creative event in Austin, Texas, best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of tech, film, music, education, and culture. The World View programme at SxSW included a new animation, VR experience and mock-up.

Just like an unfolding journey, the design of the capsule and interior will continue to evolve in the months to come, with more detailing and refinement. PriestmanGoode will be supporting World View and their engineering partners to make it a reality, to make it fly!


London Design Awards 2022 – Winner, Gold