PriestmanGoode is working with Space Perspective on Spaceship Neptune, a high-performance balloon and pressurised capsule that will fly passengers and research payloads to the edge of space. First unveiled to the public in Spring 2020, the first unmanned test flight is scheduled for 2021.


Space Perspective wanted to bring to life their ambitious plans for a commercial spacecraft to take passengers on a journey to the edge of space. Flown by a pilot, Spaceship Neptune will take up to eight passengers on the six-hour journey. It will carry people and research payloads on a two-hour gentle ascent above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere to 100,000 feet, where it will cruise for up to two hours, before returning to Earth. The Florida-based company enlisted the help of PriestmanGoode to design the capsule that will take passengers on this extraordinary journey and create a series of images and animation to bring this future spacecraft to life and engage stakeholders.

A space capsule hovering in space above the Earth's atmosphere, lifted by a large balloon


Our design for Spaceship Neptune has human experience at its heart. We looked at all the elements that would make the experience not just memorable, but comfortable as well and included essentials for a journey of six hours, like a lavatory. We wanted to make sure that passengers would be able to get 360 degree unobstructed views and that we created an efficient space that would enable them to move around during the journey. Meanwhile, we’ve ensured to minimise weight and created a highly functional environment for the pilot.

Two people inside a space capsule gazing at space and at the Earth beneath them. One of them is taking photos

CGI and animation plays a fundamental role in future projects such as these, allowing key stakeholders to visualise and engage with a project before it’s built. Our visualisation team worked closely with Space Perspective to determine how to best tell the story of this groundbreaking spacecraft and generate interest from investors and future passengers alike.