PriestmanGoode worked with Embassy Group, one of the largest real estate developers in India, to design and develop a new brand for the group’s entry into the co-living market. Inspired by the sharing economy, Olive fills a gap in the market for a purpose-built co-living supply that is both luxurious and affordable.


Olive addresses the social issue of non-existent purpose-built co-living supply for millennials – who form the largest demographic in India – by providing affordable and thoughtfully planned communities for students and young professionals. We also wanted to minimise social isolation by providing spaces that are designed to encourage shared experiences. Meanwhile, Embassy Group also wanted us to develop a brand that would be suited to the initial Indian market, but also flexible enough to allow for international expansion in the long term, should the developer choose to expand its offer in different markets.



The starting point for this project was to define the new brand, including the name, values and look and feel that Embassy Group was aiming for. The name Olive was chosen to represent the idea of open-living, and the new brand’s values of openness, community, digital innovation and shared experience. The branding was further inspired by Indian visual and cultural heritage.

Out of Home Advertising for Olive co-living, shown at a bus stop in a city landscape

With so few options on the market, Olive provided an opportunity to set a benchmark for new standards in co-living. Our team of designers worked on every element of the interiors, from open plan spaces for communal interaction to shared rooms and individual apartments. In the shared rooms in particular, our experience of designing privacy in small spaces onboard aircraft cabins proved key to creating successful layouts. The result is that whether you are sharing with one, two or three people, each person is able to have a space that is completely enclosed and private within the wider room, thus meeting demand for privacy, sociability and affordability.

The interiors are very much geared towards a luxurious, contemporary aesthetic that reflects the lifestyle and aspirations of Embassy Group’s target audience. Projects like these need to recognise that customers are increasingly discerning, expect high levels of customer service and the ability to customise their space and their experience through their digital devices. All these trends have been taken into account to ensure Olive enters the market as a leader in what the future of co-living looks like, and offers young people a good quality of life where there is currently very little choice.

“Our partnership with PriestmanGoode has allowed us to create a space for our members to flourish. We hope Olive will help enhance personal development and learning as well as minimise social isolation for our members”.