Air for All is an aircraft seat enabling a powered wheelchair user to remain in their wheelchair throughout the entire journey. Developed through collaboration, Air for All is leading the way to make travel by air more accessible and inclusive. 

Making air travel more inclusive

Our purpose at PriestmanGoode lies in designing a better future. That means challenging the conventional to improve and transform everyday experiences for people, and making those experiences accessible for all.

Air for All is an example of a design collaboration that is poised to open the possibility of travel to those who are currently excluded or face barriers across the journey. In 2019 PriestmanGoode formed a consortium along with Flying Disabled, SWS Certification and Sunrise Medical. Each bringing a different skill set, with expertise spanning industrial design, passenger experience design, aircraft cabin and airport accessibility, aircraft certification and regulation; and wheelchair design and manufacturing. The consortium developed a multi-award winning concept and joined forces with Delta Flight Products in 2022 to make the concept a reality.


Passengers with reduced mobility face significant challenges when flying, including the risk of damage to their wheelchairs and indignity at different stages of the journey including long waiting periods during boarding and disembarkation, and the indignity of transfer from a wheelchair to an aircraft seat. For a powered wheelchair user, their device is an extension of their body, and transfer to a standard seat is not an option. As a result, many PRM choose not to travel at all.

A solution that allows the passenger to remain in their own chair will also reduce the risk of damage to highly expensive equipment during stowage. Governments and travel authorities worldwide recognise the need for equitable transport solutions, and both the Air for All consortium and Delta Flight Products have been working to develop inclusive solutions and ones that meets all certification requirements.

An additional challenge has always been to maintain seat count in the cabin for commercial reasons. So flexibility in the design, to enable crew to adapt the PRM seat was an important consideration throughout the development.


The patented design ensures comfort and safety for all passengers with the attachment system, adjustable headrests, centre console tray tables, and cocktail tables. Each of these bring an experience that is identical to any other passenger.

Drawing on PriestmanGoode’s experience of defining cabin spaces that capture a brand identity or sense of place, the design also allows airlines to maintain a uniform brand identity across all seats.

For airlines, Air for All maintains seat count and is user-friendly for airline crews, requiring just 90 seconds to adapt the seat. The design facilitates smooth boarding and disembarking for PRM, and as the wheelchair is secured in the cabin, it significantly reduces the risk of wheelchair damage that might occur if it was stowed in the luggage hold.

Progress through collaboration

Engagement with the wheelchair-user community remains vital as Delta Flight Products works towards certification of the product. Feedback from users from a full-scale mockup at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in 2023 has been incorporated into the design during 2024. In response to feedback, the concept has since been expanded to include options for Economy and Business Class seats which will be displayed by Delta Flight Products at AIX 2024. 

The next steps for this project include achieving full certification with a target of 2025 and then supporting airlines with operational integration.

“Offering equal access to comfort, safety, and dignity for all passengers has always been our objective for Air for All. We’re leading the way and will remain dedicated to this until the PRM community enjoys the benefits of Air for All as part of a fully inclusive journey.”


Daniel MacInnes, Director of PriestmanGoode.

“Air for All is collaborating with DFP’s strong production and manufacturing capabilities to explore new ways to deliver equal access to comfort, safety, and dignity for all customers. This patented design offers new possibilities for customers in wheelchairs to enjoy a travel experience they truly deserve.”

Rick Salanitri, President of Delta Flight Products.

“An innovation like this in air travel provides those with reduced mobility a safe and comfortable way to travel and to remain in their power wheelchair. It has taken a truly collaborative effort to develop this seat, and we believe this product provides an optimal solution for all parties.”

Chris Wood, Founder of Flying Disabled.


Finalist Red Cabin Trinity Awards 2024

Winner APEX Award 2023 – Award for Best Cabin Innovation

Winner Fast Company Innovation by Design 2022 Award – Accessible Design

Finalist Crystal Cabin Awards 2022