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Our latest whitepaper by Jo Rowan, Associate Director – Strategy, helps you define Cleaner, Greener, Smarter & Better journeys and 3 vital steps toward making it a reality.

Front cover of a booklet with a title Creating Cleaner, Greener, Smarter and Better Journeys

There is a real sense that now is the time for rail travel as stakeholders and passengers realise its potential as the sustainable choice for some journeys. This whitepaper was written in response to PriestmanGoode’s participation at the World Passenger Festival in Amsterdam where we found a real sense of optimism, with operators adapting their go-forward strategies around people. Based on the trends and insights we have observed around the world, the ultimate journey sees extra flexibility designed into current and future rolling stock but also benefits from the latest innovations in materials, sustainable practice, technology and inclusive design. Although written from a rail perspective, the vision and opportunity applies equally to other modes of mass transit.

Some of the questions we are most often asked as a design consultancy are: at what stage of a transport project does design add the most value? And, how to unlock the best possible outcomes for operators, passengers and all other stakeholders. The answer is really about following a process, working together and effective communications – which we’ve summarised in 3 vital steps.


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