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ArtHouse Jersey’s Skipton Big Ideas exhibition for 2022 Where Waste Meets Design is an innovative, design-led exhibition, which uses creative processes to challenge how we think about waste. A pile of Jersey waste takes centre stage at the Capital House exhibition space throughout the first five weeks from 11 June until 31 July.

PriestmanGoode will present and discuss the development of Knot Waste and Get Onboard, two projects which aim to address the issue of waste.

For Knot Waste, PriestmanGoode have designed a modular table and stool system that transforms a scrap sheet of timber into a fully bespoke and sustainable piece of furniture, all held together with rope. Whether you want to build a table, bench, stool or side table, the assembly process remains the same for each item and requires minimal woodwork or joinery skills. The flexible drawing template allows you to customise the size of your furniture components to minimise waste and maximise the size of your unique piece.  

PriestmanGoode have also designed an instruction manual aimed to be used by anyone with a keen interest in building their own furniture using only simple tools and rope.

Download the instructions here.

Also featured in ArtHouse Jersey’s exhibition is PriestmanGoode’s Get Onboard Zero Economy Meal Tray. PriestmanGoode’s Head of Colour, Materials and Finishes (CMF), Maria Kafel-Bentkowska, will present how the tray’s design aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the meal delivery service on commercial aircraft. The exhibition will showcase a prototype of the Zero Economy Meal Tray and explore how each component is designed with edible, biodegradable and/or commercially compostable materials to achieve the goal of reducing weight and waste on board. 

PriestmanGoode will be presenting at ArtHouse Jersey in Capital House on the 9th July 2022. 

ArtHouse Jersey is a Jersey-based charity with the goal of collaborating with local and international artists, to bring events, large-scale exhibitions, theatre pieces, concerts and community-focused workshops and projects.

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