PriestmanGoode’s Colour, Material + Finish (CMF) team has close links with industry suppliers, enabling us to source the latest material innovations and develop bespoke solutions for clients.

We are passionate about materials, processes and exploring the very latest technologies and developments. To keep ahead, we are actively involved in projects internally and across the supply chain to ensure we are providing the best advice to clients on materials and how they might be applied in different environments.

Material sourcing

Materials play an important role in how we experience a product or a service. For us, CMF is about using materials that not only create a great consumer experience and reflect your brand, but that also tell a bigger story. Our CMF team is at the forefront of material innovation. We have a wealth of knowledge about existing materials across a range of industries, as well as contacts with both established suppliers and manufacturers as well as up and coming material designers all over the world. This allows us to source unique materials that stand out and can help position you as innovators and leaders in your field.

As the urgency of climate change gathers pace, there is an ever greater need to use materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. There is also an imperative to work on circular design principles, and to consider the whole lifecycle of materials. We are actively engaged in the shift towards sustainable choices where they are available for certified environments.

A person laying out materials for an exhibition

Material development

Material innovation is a continuously evolving field. New technologies are making it possible to create stronger, more resilient materials embedded with a wide range of properties from self-healing to self-cleaning. Meanwhile emerging designers and materialists are creating new materials from sustainable sources, offering new possibilities for products that are better for people and better for the environment. Working closely with suppliers, our CMF team’s strength lies in their ability to push the boundaries of material development and create new products for application across different industries.

Colour, Material + Finish

A person looking at thread and material samples