PG.VIS has been creating VR solutions since the very first major headset came to market, building knowledge and expertise to create a wide range of immersive content. Our award-winning team is at the forefront of this continuously evolving field, and creates virtual experiences that inspire, delight and transport you and your customers into unbuilt worlds, delivering value for your projects.

Promotional VR experiences

While just a few years ago, VR was more of a niche industry, it has gained in popularity as more headsets have come to the market and become more affordable. More and more brands have started collaborating with the gaming industry for instance, identifying new commercial opportunities and new ways to connect with audiences. This means that your consumers today are much more demanding, more discerning and expect transformative experiences.

Design / Material review VR experiences

VR experiences are a valuable part of the design and development process. Not only do they allow stakeholders to immerse themselves in an environment, they also allow us to gather a wealth of data that can inform and directly impact design decisions, and are a time efficient alternative to building full scale product mock-ups. PG.VIS regularly develops VR experiences at different stages of a project – from initial concept vision through to design reviews – to facilitate decision making, save time and money. Our team has also developed a digital remote working tool to facilitate collaboration across teams in different countries: this allows us to make changes in real time, for instant updates, speeding up the design process.

360 movies and apps

PG.VIS is skilled in creating 360 movies and apps, which can be used both for internal and external communications. Internally, they can help stakeholders such as crew, maintenance and customer services teams familiarise themselves with a new product and are often used as part of staff training, while externally, they can be a valuable sales tool.

CGI + Visualisation

Three people looking at a screen during a film shoot