Digital design is an integral part of how customers experience and engage with your business.

PriestmanGoode’s team of designers specialises in developing holistic design solutions, with an acute understanding of how your brand translates across both physical and digital platforms. This marriage of the two is essential to delivering a great customer experience. Working on everything from app design, GUI and microsite design, our team is expertly placed to work with you to deliver digital solutions that enhance your products or services, and offer you a holistic brand experience across all touchpoints.

Omnevo partnership

PriestmanGoode. has collaborated with Omnevo to form a strategic partnership to provide ‘off the shelf ‘ digital and brand solutions for the airline industry in both design and service aspects of the whole customer journey. Designed to start small and grow with your requirements, we design vendor solutions for your catering and retailing services to drive ancillary revenue streams that resonate with your brand values and add customisation and value to your passenger experience.

Microsite design

Microsites are an important promotional tool for the launch of a new product or service. Our team develops design solutions that are rooted in the physical product design solutions we create, and in our branding team’s work, to ensure that your promotional materials are a truly accurate representation of your brand message and offer. Our visualisation team in addition excels at creating promotional videos, product walk-throughs or 360 apps, which add an engaging element to our digital solutions.

GUI – Graphical User Interface Design

One of PriestmanGoode’s USPs has always been that we unearth and design simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. Our work in GUI design is an excellent example of this. By keeping all our different teams under one roof, as well as the richness that comes from having a skilled and international team, means we’re able to successfully deliver digital design solutions that are easy to navigate and intuitive to understand, which improves your brand’s perception and increases customer loyalty.

Back of aircraft seats showing IFE screens with a bespoke designed GUI for the Embraer E2 jet
Screenshots of a bespoke designed GUI for the Embraer E2 jet

Digital + CX

Two people standing in front of and adding to a large board covered in post it notes and images