PriestmanGoode’s Branding + Graphics team is uniquely positioned to work on brand and corporate identity projects.

One of our key strengths lies in the fact that our branding team works closely with our team of industrial, interior and digital designers, as well as our visualisers, we are therefore able to go beyond brand identity development, and deliver considered approaches to brand experience, with an acute understanding of how your brand lives across different platforms. Each brand identity project begins with an overview of your business and your competition in order to define your brand story and message. With each brand identity project, our team can create everything from print, digital and physical brand materials including logo design, fonts, brand books, corporate guidelines.

Corporate identity

The creation of a new brand is a complex process involving naming, logo design and brand language, which needs to be suitable for use across different platforms. Our team will work with you to understand the place your business occupies or seeks to occupy in a market, how your customers or stakeholders engage with your brand, as well as take into consideration your long term plans in order to develop a strong and distinct identity that can accommodate your growth as your business develops.

Aegean logo

When was the last time you watched an aircraft taxi past and thought: “Ooh, that’s a hot bit of graphic design?”


“Our partnership with PriestmanGoode has allowed us to create a space for our members to flourish. We hope Olive will help enhance personal development and learning as well as minimise social isolation for our members”


Brand Refresh

Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand following a merger or acquisition, or whether you’re simply looking for a more contemporary brand identity to better reflect the current market in which you operate and your aspirations going forward, our team will work with you to review and rethink every brand application from logo development to physical, print and digital platforms. For many large corporations, a brand refresh can be a vast and complex exercise that can span a number of years. We will outline an implementation approach that delivers maximum impact over time, and making optimal use of resources.

Once the overall brand identity has been established, our team will work with you to translate it across 2D, 3D and digital platforms, as well as create a host of communications and promotional assets from printed assets and promotional literature to exhibition design.

United Airlines plane flying above the clouds

“This modernized design, especially our iconic globe, enhances the very best of United’s image and values while pointing in the direction of where we intend to go next in serving our customers.”

Oscar Munoz, Executive Chairman and former CEO, United Airlines, 2019

Branding + Graphics

Black and white image of hands pointing at different print outs laid out, showing the new Aegean Airlines brand elements, including logo, patterns and colours