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CRRC Sifang

We are honoured to be working with CRRC Sifang, one of the world’s largest rolling stock manufacturers, based in China. Our partnership began in 2008 and since then, we have worked in close collaboration with CRRC Sifang’s in-house designers and engineers on a great variety of projects around the world, including the CRH380A, the fastest passenger train in the world and the CRH500 high speed test train.

CRRC Sifang stands out in the rail industry for its commitment to using design to create better and more efficient trains, to improve the passenger experience and for its significant investment in research and development.

In 2013, Paul Priestman was appointed Global Creative Director of CRRC Sifang, one of the first Westerners to hold such a prestigious position in a government run company, which is testament to CRRC Sifang’s commitment to leading innovation in its field.

PriestmanGoode CRRC Sifang CRH380A 2

PriestmanGoode CRRC Sifang CRH380A 3

PriestmanGoode CRRC Sifang CRH500

PriestmanGoode CRRC Sifang CRH6

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