We can reveal that we are working with Transport for London on the design vision for the New Tube for London, the next generation deep level underground trains for the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City Lines.


Launching our design at an event with Mike Brown and the Mayor of London, Paul commented: ‘TfL wanted the New Tube for London to celebrate the great history of transport design in London, whilst acting as a beacon of innovative 21st century public transport. We took inspiration from iconic London landmarks and key attributes of British design to create a tube that is beautiful, simple, functional and maintainable.’


London’s Tube is one of the most iconic trains around the world. We are proud to have designed something that it is part of the very fabric of London life, celebrating all that’s great about London’s environment; cutting edge technology, rich history and diversity.  The New Tube for London will take the city into the future by enriching the everyday journey of its passengers.



Moving Platforms is a concept for the future of rail travel.

We have been designing high speed trains around the world for a few years now. Our experience of various systems has led us to conclude that it is hugely inefficient to run a new 21st century high tech, high speed train service on a 19th century infrastructure that was invented for steam trains.

As a result, Paul has come up with an ingenious solution that can potentially revolutionize the rail industry the way the internet revolutionized the way we communicate.

Moving Platforms is a totally inter-connected rail infrastructure where local trams connect to a network of non-stop high speed trains enabling passengers to travel from their local stop to a local address at their destination (even in another country) without getting off a train.

‘I’m under no illusion this is a big idea’ says Paul, ‘but we have to think big. The world is going to a be a very different place in 10 to 20 years time and we have to think of alternative ways of travel’.



Following the success of our award-winning studio cabins on the Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Cruise Line asked us to design the staterooms aboard their next two ships. Using a combination of multi-functional furniture, improved space configuration, mood lighting and a palette of modern colours and materials, our new cabins will offer a single contemporary design language across the entire ship, enhancing the passenger experience.The ships are due to launch in 2013 and 2014.



We believe that the new high speed train is vital for the future of Britain, both as the low-carbon, sustainable transport of the future and because it offers a crucial opportunity to champion British design and engineering at a time when we need to fight as hard as possible in an increasingly competitive global economy.

We need a new British design icon to follow in the footsteps of Concorde, the Spitfire, Rolls Royce and the Routemaster bus and to reawaken Britain’s authority as a global leader in design and technology.  Mercury is our idea of what that might be.

Mercury is a double-decker train with a unique interior design that we believe will revolutionise domestic rail travel.

The exterior of the 400m long train, designed to emulate those great British design classics, will have an extended nose section which will be one of the most extreme in the world – vitally important for the aerodynamics of a train which will travel at 225mph.

For further information about Mercury please download the PDF below

Mercury: The Next Great British Design Icon


In July 2010 The new London Gatwick Airport inter terminal trains were launched and started service.

Priestmangoode working with London Gatwick Airport designed the exterior and interior of these brand new trains.  The new design has more seats and provides greater accessibility to disabled travelers.



Priestmangoode’s track record of developing succesful aircraft interiors and small luxury spaces led NCL to approach us to look at an area of their latest ship designed to appeal to a younger audience. We designed ultra modern studio cabins which have padded bed surrounds giving the space more of den-feel. The Studio Cabins have exclusive access to The Living Room, which accomodates a bar, a quiet reading area, space to relax, access to music, a concierge area to book activities and sports screens, housed in a double height space. This concept is totally new to the cruise ship market and marks a refreshing and modern step change in cruise ship design.



“The challenge was to turn Britain’s dilapidated rail network  from almost the worst in the world to the best and in order to do that we needed to find a design team to create wonderful new trains that not only ran smoothly but looked great and felt great and were a joy to travel on so we turned to the team at Priestmangoode to have a go at fulfilling that, and having just travelled on the first of these new trains recently, we feel that they have fulfilled every expectation that we could possibly wish for”. Sir Richard Branson. Priestmangoode worked with Bombardier and Alstom to deliver these new trainsets to Virgin. Elements of the design included the develop-ment of an aerodynamic nose, all aspects of the interior product design and development of a new kitchen layout.